Manufacturing Yohann

Yohann Wood is worked out of a massive block of wood in a small traditional wood workshop in northern Italy, the heart of high quality furniture production. Only a unique combination of sensitive manual work and various precise milling techniques allows us to manufacture Yohann with the highest accuracy and quality. Each Yohann is then carefully sanded by hand in several steps and treated with a natural oil and wax to bring out the beautiful grain and to achieve a smooth and pleasant touch. These steps are realized in a workshop for people with disabilites in the Black Forest in Germany.
Yohann Lacquer is produced by a medium-sized company in southern Germany specializes in the production of high quality interior parts for Germanys high-end automobile brands.


Social Commitment

Packaging is made as well as assambly, storage and shipping are managed by disabled people at a sheltered workshop in the Black Forest in Germany. With the purchase of this product you are helping to offer people with physical or mental challenges an exciting job that provides them satisfaction and self-esteem.



Sustainably Grown Wood

For the production of Yohann Wood we only use FSC-certified wood types, that are not in danger of extinction and that are grown in European and North American plantations. These plantations provide a traditional culture of forest management with a long-term persperctive, supported and controled by politics and society.

European Production

With the production in Germany and Italy we support small and medium-sized local businesses and traditional craftmenship. The proximity to our manufacturers allows us to know all manufacturing steps, working conditions and involved individuals. Only this way we can guarantee for high quality products produced under socially and environmentally acceptable conditions complying European standards for ecology and working conditions.

Short distances for transportation reduce the ecological footprint of Yohann.

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