Stand for iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil

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Handmade in Italy and Germany

Yohann is precisely crafted in a traditional workshop in norhtern Italy. It is carefully sanded, oiled and finally treated with a natural wax in a workshop for people with disabilities in the Black Forest in Germany. Here all products are packed and shipped.
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Never lose your Apple Pencil again

The Apple Pencil is a great complement to the iPad Pro enhancing its graphic capabilities. But don’t we all have the same problem with misplacing pens and not finding them just when we need them most?

iPad Pro stand Yohann with Apple Pencil attached to magnets

When taking a short break, attach your Apple Pencil in a snap to the bottom of Yohann, thanks to its embedded magnets.

iPad Pro stand Yohann with Apple Pencil stored in hole

When your drawing is finished, store your Apple Pencil safely in the dedicated slot at the back of your iPad.

Get the most out of your
iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil 

Desktop Use

Desktop Use

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is nearly twice as big as the normal 9.7-inch iPad and significantly heavy at 1,58 pounds (720 grams). Holding it with your hands can be a tiring task. Besides, when using the iPad Pro, it is best if your hands are free to do better things then just holding the iPad. Yohann stand helps to use the iPad and Apple Pencil with more comfort and efficiency in many different situations at home or in the office.

Skills of Yohann

3 Angles

Use Yohann in three different angles

Landscape & Portrait

All three angles can be applied for landscape and for portrait view

Soft Surfaces

Yohann provides stable support on soft surfaces like a duvet or your lap

Use your iPad while charging with Yohann

Charge your Apple Pencil

Yohann allows you to easily recharge your Apple Pencil

Store your Apple Pencil

Attach the Pencil to the magnets and store it safely in the provided slot


Yohann for iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil
Sustainably Made in Italy and Germany - Free Worldwide Shipping