For an upright posture


YOHANN stand for MacBook Pro and MacBook elevates your laptop to a comfortable position. Keeping the screen higher up allows for upright posture in a relaxed sitting position and prevents your back and neck from developing musculoskeletal issues in the long term. It is designed for use with a separate keyboard and mouse.

“Use a separate keyboard and mouse so the laptop can be put on a stand and the screen opened at eye level.”


British National Health Service

Sleep Mode


To put your MacBook in sleep mode simply close the screen. Although the MacBook will not close completely, it will enter sleep mode.

Optimal Cooling


The YOHANN stand keeps your MacBook perfectly ventilated. When connecting your MacBook to a separate screen and running it in clamshell mode, the stand provides ideal cooling and space saving storage.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Yohann stand for MacBook the right choice for me?

YOHANN stand is a carefully crafted little piece of furniture for your MacBook. If you work long hours on your MacBook and appreciate distinctive design and a clean workspace, it will definitively be a good choice for both your health and your eyes.


Which MacBooks is the stand made for?

YOHANN stand for MacBook is designed for the following models:

  • MacBook Pro with Retina Display / without DVD drive
  • MacBook with Retina Display / without DVD drive
  • MacBook Air (any)


Is YOHANN stand for MacBook stable?

YOHANN stand is specially designed to support your MacBook sturdily and securely. You could even type on the keyboard and use the trackpad. However, YOHANN stand for MacBook is primarily designed for use with a separate keyboard and mouse, to keep your back and neck in the ideal posture. The fusion of elegance and stability is a primary principle of our product design. The stand is optically reduced and slender and provides minimalist beauty and sturdiness at the same time.

MacBook Pro Stand