Did Apple remove the Silicon Case to prevent iPad Pros from getting hot?
At the latest Keynote on June 5 Apple presented many updates and improvements of the newest generations of both iPads Pro – an internal update of the 12.9-inch version and a new 10.5-inch version, slightly bigger than the previous 9.7-inch iPad Pro. They talked introduced ProMotion Technology that delivers refresh rates of up to 120Hz, the world’s most advanced display with an incredible performance. The announcements really impressed and made us curious for more. Apple also announced a new beautiful Leather Sleeve for the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.
Scrolling through the Apple Store the same evening we discovered that Apple completely removed the Silicon Case for iPad Pro 10.5 and the big 12.9-inch. Why? We had the impression that many people used this case.

Is it the design?

Didn’t it fit anymore into the Apple design strategy? To be honest, from our point of view, the Silicone Case achieved to convert a most beautiful, most elegant and precious tablet into a cheap looking and bulky – I don’t know what brand – tablet device. And customers only achieved this by paying an additional 80$! The Leather Sleeve is definitively much more beautiful and allows customers to see the great design of their iPad every time they take it out of the sleeve and while using it. Remember that you payed for the design as well, so why would you want to hide it in a rubber case?
The Apple Leather Sleeve is not the only sleeve out there – there are many beautiful products on the market and probably with a much better value for money.

iPad Pro 10.5 is getting hot

We received the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch a few days after the keynote and where very excited to see how it performs. The display is in fact amazing and its responsiveness very notable compared to previous generations. However after using it for a while with different apps and watching videos we noticed our iPad getting hot on the aluminum made back. The new performances seam to stress processors and maybe battery quite a bit resulting in a higher heat generation. This is reasonable as it always has been like this: The more processing power the more heating generated by internal resistances that needs to be removed to prevent overheating. We never experienced any of our previous iPads getting that hot.

Silicone Case may cause overheating

Might this be a reason why Apple removed the Silicon Case to prevent their products from overheating? Aluminium is the most efficient material for transporting excessive heat of an electronic device from the inside to the outside. This is also a cooling strategy Apple uses with their Mac Books for many years now. The Aluminium skin works like a big cooling surface – similar to a humans cooling system – and helps to minimise mechanical ventilation. In the case of an iPad it helps to avoid any mechanical cooling systems. But if this cooling skin is covered and isolated by a 2 millimetre thick Silicon Case the cooling system can not do its job anymore and the iPad could suffer a serious overheating. Knowing this, the decision of removing the Silicone Case from the product range and offering a sleeve instead, that forces users to remove the protection entirely when using the iPad, sound very reasonable and evident.
This is our theory for now and not confirmed by any official. Future will show, if Apple will come back with Silicon Cases or not. However from a design perspective we think that Apples new solution with the Leather Sleeve is a great move and much better than the Silicone Case, as we think the iPad is a really beautiful product. However it is understandable that for frequent travellers a fixed protection is a useful thing.

What is your opinion?

What do you think is the reason for Apples change from Silicon Cases to Leather Sleeve?  Did you also experience your new iPad Pro getting hot? Let us know in the comments below.
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  1. I think you are exactly right with the heating issue and silicone covers… the extra processor power will make it overheat, so they ditched the covers.

  2. Have been using my new pro 10.5 for a couple of weeks and have had no heat issues at all …. I don’t things that the silicone covers would couse the temps to go out of spec from usage, maybe the addition of direct sunlight would but that can happen with or without a case

    I would suspect it is more about style and manufacturing decisions

  3. I have the 10.5 working for two weeks and it does not get heated up even as it already “wears” a case to protect the back if carried in a bag. So it might be a design issue as I totally agree the silicone cover was very ugly. The touch to it felt not right. Most of the time I like to have the iPad in hand without any case as the surface is so nice and smooth. And with a Yohann as support I would need no case at all anymore.

  4. Yes, it does generate significantly more heat than my iPad Air 2. Did not want the iPad Pro gen1 for this reason. Now I own the 10.5, and there are no protective cases yet. Always use Griffin Survivor for my idevices. Contacted Griffin, they do not even have it yet for this model, but may issue it. Some apprehension exist about it for sure.