sillber is a design studio based in Basel, Switzerland. Berend is an architect and the inventor of YOHANN. He and his team share a great passion for designing furniture and products combining functionality with a reduced design and quality materials.



Berend became a big fan of the iPads minimalist design and its mobility, however he missed a comfortable support when using the iPad in fixed locations like at home or in his office. He had the understanding of a product similar to a furniture providing functionality, intuitive use and a high esthetic value at the same time.
After developing YOHANN by making structural computations, many prototypes and a lot of testings with iPad users ways of manufacturing YOHANN from fine materials and in a sustainable way were found. Without the close collaboration with specialized manufacturers nearby, mixing new technologies and traditional craftsmanship, this products would not have been possible.
The name YOHANN makes reference to the district in Basel called St. Johann, where the company is located and YOHANN was developed. In addition in Switzerland the name YOHANN traditionally stands for an appreciated and modest butler, always being at someone’s service.


For financing parts of the tooling and setup of the production processes they asked the public for support. A crowdfunding campaign on in autmn 2014 helped to raise the asked amount in less then 5 days with an final overfunding of 275%. As rewards more than 1100 products were shipped to backers from all over the world.

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